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Textile consultant in the field of production of new fabrics, production of black Chader, sell new and second-hand textile machinery, etc.

Balance Systems Balancing Machine for textile machinery

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New And second hand textile machinery

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جدید ترین آگهی های

ماشین آلات نساجی

برای اطلاعات بیشتر و مشاوره نساجی تماس بگیرید .

Black Chader and crepe

The fact is that success in any endeavor requires two wings of experience and modern technology. Our experts will use these two wings to get you to your goals. We can be with you in the project of producing black and crepe chader with the help of one of the most reputable technical and engineering companies in South Korea.

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Other textile consulting services

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Product design

We are with you in all stages from receiving the needs of the market to delivering the product

Group 17

Production line design

Designing new product lines, products with new properties with high economic efficiency

Group 21

Factory design

From writing a justification plan, executive plans, experimental production to achieving the final efficiency

Group 20

Feasibility studies

Carrying out technical, economic and commercial feasibility studies, market research and marketing research, justification plan that can be presented to banks, etc.

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